obatmu ada pada dirimu tapi tidak kamu sadari. penyakitmu datang dari dirimu tapi tidak kamu waspadai. kamu menganggap dirimu sesuatu yang kecil, padahal dalam dirimu terkumpul seluruh jagad raya (Ali bin Abi Thalib)

Rabu, 29 September 2010


trash /tr{S/ noun [U]

1 INFORMAL something that is worthless and of low quality:
I can't believe that someone of his intelligence can read such trash!
There's only trash on the television tonight. 

2 US FOR rubbish:
The trash really stinks - why don't you take it out?

trash /tr{S/ group noun [U] US INFORMAL
an insulting way of referring to a group of people you consider worthless:
We don't have anything to do with the people in the apartment below us - they're trash.

talk trash

1 INFORMAL to say things that do not have a lot of meaning:
There are too many radio shows featuring idiots who call in and talk trash all day.

2 US INFORMAL to criticize other people, especially unfairly or cruelly

trash /tr{S/ verb [T] INFORMAL

1 to throw away, destroy or severely damage something:
I simply trash that sort of mail.
The guys got angry and trashed the bar.

2 to criticize something or someone severely:
The boss completely trashed her work, in front of everyone.

trashy /"tr{S.i/ adjective INFORMAL
worthless and of low quality:
Why do so many people watch such ridiculous trashy programmes?

hahaha, daur ulang sampah saya, ambil yang baik, enyahkan yang buruk! :D 

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